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Is It Time For Senior Living?

We’re here to help
  1. Having the Important Conversations

    We’re here to help by providing care, security and companionship for the elderly.

  2. Discover What Care You May Need

    We offer skilled nursing services at all of our locations with professionally trained nursing staff.

  3. Further Research

    Gives seniors the confidence to remain independent in a professionally managed environment.

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Frequently Asked

What do you need to know about Staci J Cares Private Caregiver Services?

Staci J Cares is a family owned business based in the Houston area with a reputation for excellence. The service we provide is to make you’re life a whole lot easier. No one person needs is the same, so know, that we take pride in tailorIng a care plan that fits specifically for you.

Who is eligible to receive assistance?

Anyone who needs care (e.g.; Elderly, Disabled, New Moms, Patients Admitted into Hospitals, Plastic Surgery Patients, etc.).

Who can contribute to the Staci J Cares Foundation?

Everyone. All Donations are Welcomed.

How do I know if my loved one is ready for a skilled caregiving service?

When you feel like you have done all you can do to help your loved one but it seems to simply not be enough. Let Staci J Cares professional staff step in and Help.

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